Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lazy Sunday

This morning was one of those Sunday mornings when I felt as though I had been dragged through a knot hole on the way to church. But never mind. The family looked respectable, the service was lovely (confirmations), and I discovered I was in good company. Apparently even the Bishop's wife has been known to exclaim that she didn't even know why she went to church. This following the attempt to try and get herself and her children there, while hubby had gone on ahead. So I guess it has always been thus, when families prepare to head out to church.

Hippie Boy was ill this morning, and opted to stay home and sleep. He never does, so I didn't argue with him. I was feeling under the weather and came home to collapse into my own bed for the afternoon. I have no idea what my family did for the better part of four hours. When I awoke, Hippie Boy informed me that he felt much better, and not to worry, he had "watched church on TV at 11". He also let me know he had learned how he could become "totally ripped in just 90 days". I'm not sure what impacted him most...the service or the infomercial.


Anonymous said...

I FOUND YOU!! Actually my dear husband had already found you and failed to inform me. Oh well,no matter. I wanted to share my xanga site (although you may not find it as entertaining as I found yours)
Looking forward to getting together once everyone's healthy again.

E said...

So HB learning how to get a killer bod has made my morning. *Teehee! And I'm with you on the church thing, I only have one very stubborn husband to get out the door every sunday night but when he refuses to get into the shower until EXACTLY ten minutes before we should be heading out the door, I begin to lose my mind.