Monday, October 8, 2007

Invisible Children

Ha Ha! As if! This one has never been what you'd call invisible. She's quirky, and opinionated, and full of life. We had a fun girls' night out. Very low key, since we both felt a little under the weather, and THE PLAN was to get home early and get some rest. But her hubby talked her into going out after she got home, so although old Momcat will be hitting the pillow fairly early, baby girl will be out yawning into her coffee cup while her hubby and brother-in-law catch up. Oh well...the best laid plans.

Next week we eat until we show here we come! After that we'll plan a real night out. Hopefully neither of us will be sick, and we can keep our long awaited date with Panera's and perhaps pick up a few foundation garments? Boy, do we know how to party!


E said...

yay me!

BJ said...

Invisible children???? How 'bout "Identical Children"!!! At first quick glimpse, I thought it was hippie boy!!!!! No offense to either offspring intended, but boy do they resemble each other. Is that camo? Is that a new look for E? Glamourous. Be sure to get the proper foundation garment to go with it, though. That is very important.

The folks came and left. Difficult. RAD in adult form. Look at me look at me look at me in the elderly. It's all about me, geriatric style. It's never enough, and I'll punish you when you fall short.

Very sad.

On the other hand, with our fosters, could be getting very close to the end here. Will know by the end of the month if appeal is filed. S is very moody, cannot stay dry day and night. J is as normal as my bios. (ha!)

Speaking of normal, I have another sinus infection, and a big peach above my left eye, typical of my sinus infections. It's Wednesday. Do I have to wait for next Wednesday to be normal?????

BJ said...

Actually, the adult RAD is only one parent. The other is a delight. Can you guess which is which???????????

ann-tastic said...

E looks amazing in camo, why am I not shocked?...The hat would have been handy at some past b-day parties...Oh the memories...delectable...MMMMM!
I have concidered taking up hunting with the menfolk here..some think I am crazy, other DIVA huntresses say it is a sacred time, and I should try it. Others say I am in it for the new clothes? Whatever, I am sooo misunderstood!! When I head to the woods, watch out, i may take another DIVA huntress along? RSVP please E!!