Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autumn on the Mountain

View out the front windows

My lawn vacuum

Walk in the woods


Cloudscome said...


Anita said...

Your property is absolutely gorgeous! We used to have a nanny goat named Gabby! We loved her! We never through out any food scraps. She was beautiful and sweet!

ann-tastic said...

Hey girl,
By day a garage, by night a butcher shop. Last night was the first garage party of the year. Yeah, We shall have meat for dinner! Your pictures make me want to go into the woods with hubby. I actually have been entertaining thoughts of becoming the first huntress in the family. I must hurry however, to beat the girls. The oldest will soon be twelve and eligable. Some say I would do it for the wardrobe??? WHATever! It hardly competes with my Mary Kay Pirate ensemble.
Love you friend. Missing you.