Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cutest Thing

Wasn't she just about the cutest thing? Well, she still is. She came by today, and hung out for just a few minutes... way too few. She was on the run to pick up her paycheck and get home to see hubby. But she still made time to drive little bro to the dance studio so Dad could stay home for another hour with the rest of the fam. Which was huge, because Mom is incredibly sick of the fam. We made plans to go out soon. She'll have a couple of weeks to kill before she is trained for her new job. She feels guilty about taking them, but she has been sick so much lately that we encouraged her to take the time and rest. She can be a rather driven soul. Who does she remind me of? Like in this pic... I remember the first time she met Minnie and Mickey at three years old. She was in love. For the entire following year she plotted and schemed to get a Minnie outfit so she could dance with Minnie when she came again. And she gave me no peace about those yellow shoes, until I finally bought her a pair of white canvas sneakers and painted them bright yellow. Those were the years when Daddy worked for Disney. How great was that?! A special in with Mickey and Minnie... now whose Dad had connections!

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Anika Marsha said...

That is the cutest thing! What a wonderful picture. :)