Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Food For Sale

Today was a red letter day as far as the children are concerned. First, Mom didn't make them do any Math or write any essays. Second, we all loaded up and drove to the semi-annual food show. Since Daddy is the food buyer for the camp, he gets invited to these awesome events, devoted to wooing folks in the food service industry into trying and buying all this cool stuff to eat. It consists of hundreds of booths of free food samples...pretty much anything you can imagine, and you just have to pace yourself and stay away from the cheesecake.

The girls have never been to such a thing in all their lives, so it was pretty much off the chart for them. In addition, they and Mom all wore matching camp T-shirts over red turtlenecks. For some reason that really jazzed them up. The "twins" (11yo boy &12yo girl) ate to near incapacitation, and had to support one another through the long agonizing walk back to the parking garage. The others pretty much just drifted along in a sugar induced haze. The 6yo was still asking for "more ham".

The only real marked "weird" moment was when I was jamming last minute supplies into a backpack in the mudroom. We had not shared the definite plan for the day though speculations were running high. The 6yo looked out at me and said in a emotionless tone, "We're packin'." It took a moment to register that she thought I was packing her up to go. This was confirmed by the 9yo, who said "That's how they do it." So all the promises that they are here to stay haven't really sunk all that deep. It was encouraging to hear the 12yo shout out (in a tone which said "What, are you stupid!?") "No we're NOT!" I didn't even reprimand her for yelling at her sister!


Denise said...

Mmmmm a food fair. I would love to go to one of those.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a huge step forward to me. Congratulations!
Nemo & Nema's mom