Monday, March 5, 2007

Let's Hear It For the Boy(s)

Our boys are great! I mean really, really awesome. Our oldest at 13 is truly an original...geeky in the extreme, and awfully proud of it too. He's old enough to be a 7th grader, but is doing mostly high school work. His Algebra 2 completely baffles me. He can do things with the computer that I can't begin to understand. I pay him twenty bucks a week to help me teach Math to five other children at five different grade levels. He does really well with the math but his deskside manner is in need of refinement. He just does not understand how anyone could be so STUPID. He feels this way a lot, as he fails to understand that HE is the weird one. But he's worth the twenty bucks, for sure! The younger, at 11, fails to understand why I am not paying him to tutor math. He is bumbling through long division. But he is making progress. School work has never really been his strong suit, but he's a pretty darned good tap dancer, shot with a bow or a gun, and he can spot a critter from a mile away. He regularly catches the BIGGEST fish, and has an awfully big heart too... for both animals and humans.

Life has been hard for them lately. They lost their big sis, when their good buddy went and married her and took her away. A few days later four new sisters arrived. Now the oldest in the house, our 13 year old, was eldest of six. He, the child who NEEDS his quiet and space (to scheme how to take over the world), suddenly had none. Unless he retreated to his room with the door closed. But that was lonesome. The 11 year old took it better in some ways. He was overjoyed to have new playmates. But he wasn't the baby anymore. There were four new babies who needed and wanted Dad and Mom EVERY minute of the day. It wasn't fair, and he pouted and fumed a bit.

Now we are getting our act together in regard to the boys. It didn't take long to realize how much we all missed one another, and how important it was to make a space for us and the boys in our days. Not easy, but important. So they stay up a lot later than I would have ever let them in our previous life. It gives them time to hang out, talk with us, and of sci-fi. We let them have privileges, as long as they are discreet and don't flaunt them. Like midnight snacks. Just please don't eat up breakfast! And they sleep in a bit too. We still expect them to do their work without whining...and they usually do. We want to see a good attitude, and they do pretty well. Be kind to your sisters...they're your precious gift from God. Roll eyes.

Oh I love boys...messy, insensitive, uncomplicated boys!

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