Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is Here

Oh the cleverness of me! I spent the afternoon...after we went to church this morning, and then did battle at Walmart on the way home...out in the goat pen. I had really only intended to go out and rescue Darcy's purple coat from the mud (she had taken it off), and brush her out as she was shedding huge gobs of her winter undercoat. But it was so gorgeous and fresh out, that I just could not resist beginning to spring clean their pen and the area around the feeders. It was wonderful. Usually I wait until it warms up and the snow is gone. Stupid me. By then the black flies are out, it's warm enough to make me sweat, and the rotting hay and goat poo is full of maggots and quite odiferous! It felt so good to stretch unused muscles, and get so much of the mess cleaned up. Everything was still partially frozen, and smelled like wet grass...which is what it still is at the moment. So I will try and finish the job in the next week.

While I worked, the children stopped by the check on what I was doing, between treks into the woods for sticks, or games of Frisbee on the front lawn. They beaned me in the back of the head once. It hurt and I was not happy. Other than that we left one another alone for the most part. I have lots of muddy laundry to do, and a back hall full of wet shoes and boots to dry and bang out. Now we are all back inside. Daddy is cooking, the children are all playing or bothering one another. Mostly bothering. Oops...Daddy has paused from his cooking to deal with the bothering. I knew I loved that man!


Anonymous said...

:) I love goats too.
Congratlations on getting started on your cleaning- I'm still putting off cleaning out the pen.

I love your blog, by the way

Emilky Cupcake said...

That's a cute goat! I also love goats. What sort/ how many goats do you have?

Nobody said...

Our goats are Nigerian Dwarfs. So cute, and sweet tempered. We have two does and one wether. Darcy is the mother of the other two. She gets a purple coat when it's cold because she's old. :)