Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Real Conversation

Hippie Boy: Would you like to go to a movie with my sister?

Adorable Computer Geek Friend of Hippie Boy: That would be AMAZING!

Hippie Boy: Great!

Mom: Hippie Boy, Adorable Computer Geek Friend doesn't think he's going on a date with your sister, does he?

Mom again: Your married sister?

Teenaged boys...gotta love 'em!


BJ Byz said...

Um. Now that is certainly something to ponder.........a momentary lapse, perhaps????? Anyway, I am still getting those pesky "reminders" - send the link to me for the spyware, if you can. Later dudette. Beeje

soundtrack to our movie said...

*ahahaha! This conversation was so funny, though I don't know if Tink thought so. ;-]

P.S. I am SO excited about Christmas in our hometown!