Saturday, November 3, 2007

Life is Sweet

Cupcakes with butter cream frosting, and a stack of crumb cakes sweet. Halloween candy, and birthday cake and ice cream sweet. How in the world did we come to be swimming in so much sugar? Not that this sweet tooth is complaining mind you. Yes, the sweets are indeed my downfall, and this time of the year begins the marathon of desserts. From Halloween (which we call "candy day"), to Thanksgiving, to our anniversary, to a child's birthday, to Christmas, to New Year, to another couple of children's birthdays...well, it just never ends. There is an endless sea of pies and cakes, cookies and candy.

But it has its down side. I notice we are more prone to get colds and illness. Maybe the result of the cold weather, and maybe not. And I get soooo tired. Maybe the effects of the busy days, and long dark nights, and maybe not. So as always, I will resolve to be good, and leave it alone. Do you think for the first time in forty years I might actually pull it off? Or will I be found in the corner with my thumb in a pie?

I remember when I was younger, and the sweets took over the house during the holidays. I made dozens of types of cookies, breads, fudge, and candy. I made cheesecakes, and pound cakes, and pies. For weeks the house smelled like a gourmet bakery, and for days every surface was taken over by a froth of fancy cellophane and rivers of ribbon. Then we would drive from house to house, delivering our packages and holiday greetings. Now I have passed the torch, and my darling daughter is buried in mountains of magazines and recipe books, borrowing my recipes and Christmas Cd's. In a way it makes me very happy, as I will benefit greatly by her baking efforts. She will shower our house with way too many goodies, and I will not even have to lift a spatula. But in a way it makes me sad. I see pieces of myself in my little chick, and she is carrying on. But what of the other chicks in this nest. I realize that I cannot do it all, and that it would be fruitless to try. I realize that we have bigger fish to fry (or cookies to bake) right now. But I have to admit that I run my hand longingly over that roll of shiny cellophane in the gourmet wrapping aisle.

Maybe I'll make some cutout cookies, and have the children decorate them. Then maybe we can take a long walk and deliver them to our friends who live on camp. Maybe I'll make some chocolate lollipops too. Maybe we'll put the Christmas Cd's on while we cook...well, that's if SOMEONE remembers to bring them back!

P.S. I want the camera too. How can I EBay without a camera?


soundtrack to our movie said...

I posted the baby chick *teehee!

soundtrack to our movie said...

you've had a comment drought lately...Where's Mrs. B?