Thursday, November 1, 2007

On a Personal Note...

My Punkin's Pumpkin

Dearest Ann-tastic,

I do NOT need to call my daughter every day. She usually calls me. And I do NOT need her adorable blog to sneak about leaving her sweet daily messages. No. That's where I abuse her. Check out my many rude and mocking comments, and her request that I eat her shorts. Still she is pretty darned cute don't ya think?

Mama Nobody

P.S. You would look smashing in camo.
P.P.S. WHERE is that blog of yours. I'm getting tired of waiting!


Kate said...

Mrs. V, your blog is intensely interesting and entertaining. Thank you for sharing bits (both in a negative and positive light) of your life with us here in the World Wide Web.

ann-tastic said...

Your baby chick is still as adorable as ever. I hope you took no offense at whatever comments I left on her blog. I was SO excited to see her stuff. You have turned out some amazing children. SHe get's it totally honest...we love you and hubby to death. I just got to catch up with you tonight. I'll E-mail you more. I'm praying for you tonight. Love you sister. ME