Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Newest Love of Our Lives

Introducing Bob

As in Bob Cat

As in Big Ol' Teddy Bear


Queen B aka BJ Byz said...

Yo 'Tunie, (said in my nasally "Fran the Nanny" voice) WHO PIERCED HIS LIP???? OHHHH, that's a birthmark. Sorry!... He's ADORABLE!!! And, I am sure he is delighted to be proclaiming "my house, my food, my litterbox, my FAM" and setting a wonderful example of gratefulness and thoughtfulness to those in your family who are not so inclined....

Nobody said...

Absolutely true. Refer back to my March post called "Grateful Dogs". He is most certainly a grateful cat. He uses his litter box very politely, and tries to play nice with the other animals. He really seems to have no bad habits that I can detect right now, and the other cats are tolerating him well enough. Jazz is trying desperately to get him to play with a rubber airplane, but he is not cooperating. He does in fact eat a lot and have stinky poops, but if that's grounds for dismissal, some of my children would be gone too.