Thursday, January 28, 2010

How I Feel About Adoption

Currently, we are updating our homestudy, so that we can remain an active resource family with our agency. Since our first study was done, there are quite a few more bits and pieces they require. One such new requirement is that each member of the extended family that resides in the home write a letter explaining how they personally feel about adoption. The prize for "Most Entertaining" goes to... drum roll please... Boo.

"I feel that adopting a child would be an excessively excellent idea. Although we have a plethora already, the ****** house is always open. Children would be taught endless virtues, and also the value of hard work. Education, integrity, and honesty are also taught. Guaranteed (with a little hard work, of course) children who were adopted by the ****** parents would be totally transformed. Take me, for instance. Just like everything else, I feel that adopting a child would also be a whole lot of work. The adjusting, the money, the time, the money, would be very strenuous. All in all, this is how I feel about adopting a child."

Apparently the money is a double concern, and did I mention that if you were to be adopted by our family, you would read a lot of Jane Austen?


Mongoose said...

I'm sold. You can adopt me any time! I even have money concerns already!

Lisa said...

hahaha - kids are only concerned about the money concerns of their parents when they think it will effect them in some way (as in, we have too many kids so you can't buy me a car or we would be able to go to Disneyland if you didn't adopt all these kids).

I shudder to think what a few of my kids would write at this point. In the past, all of the kids wanted us to adopt someone new every other week. Can we keep them? became a normal part of conversation even when we were just babysitting for a day or doing respite for a weekend. Now, they've disappointed one another one too many times and everyone wants to be an only child.

Anonymous said...

Lets get to what really matters. IS there a lot of frosting on cakes?

Nobody said...

Indeed, there is an exceedingly large amount of frosting on cakes.