Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here We Go!

We are moving along with our plans to make some cash for Haiti.
  • Phase one, giant cookies. We make this pizza sized, colossal cookie as a gift now and then. It's very popular with just about everyone. We're taking orders for Valentine's week, and making them with Valentine M&M's. I'm going out tomorrow to scout material costs so I can price them.
  • Phase two, purse parties. My dear eldest daughter and I are hosting home parties to sell purses made by Haitian seamstresses, to help them be self supporting and to help fund the relief effort.
  • Phase three, bring on the bling. My three youngest daughters will use their jewelry making skills and creativity to make (truly) gorgeous jewelry. They plan to sell this and send all the profits to the Haitian relief effort.
This effort involves all of the children in baking, creating, selling, and maybe even a few unglamorous jobs like dish washing and house cleaning. Our plan is to be done by the end of February and see how it goes. Then, who knows. Maybe phase four?

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

that is so cool. We save change in a jar for missions projects that come up. Our boys suggested that we donate that to the Red Cross. We are going to be doing some things too! Glad to hear about the cookie thing! I might steal it from you!!!! That is a great idea!