Friday, November 14, 2008

Pray For Us

If you are the praying sort, and you think of us in the next few weeks, here is the itinerary, so you can pray for us along the way.

  • Saturday, November 15: We roll at the crack of dawn.
  • Sunday, November 16: We arrive at our destination.
  • Monday, November 17: Baby LaLa goes for extensive testing at a FASD testing and treatment facility.
  • Tuesday, November 18: We finalize the adoptions of Boo and 'Tater.
  • Wednesday, November 19 through Sunday, November 23: Family Camping Vacation
  • Monday, November 24: We roll for our home state.
  • Tuesday, November 25: We arrive at the home of Queen B and her growing clan, where we stay for a visit and the celebration of Thanksgiving.
  • Friday, November 28: We roll for home.
It's a long trip, with many exciting stops along the way. The girls will have the chance to reconnect with some folks in their home state, and hopefully we will have a productive time of testing, and experience much closure as well. So far, we have managed to keep the whole thing under wraps, so the children will find out in the morning, when we wake them up to get ready to go. Please pray for traveling mercies and good health...both physical and mental. Pray for these old folks, sleeping on the ground for nearly two weeks. Pray that this will be an opportunity to grow and work together as a family. Also pray for Libby Lou and Tink, as they will be taking on the huge responsiblity of caring for our home and many animals while we are away. We'll be back with plenty of stories and a few pictures too. Blessings!


Lisa said...

Bless all of you and have a WONDERFUL trip!
Lisa S.

BrasilgirlEJ4 said...

So will be praying. Looking to hear more when you get back!!!

DJ Dual Core said...

This sounds exhausting. I hope you all come away with good shared memories.

Amblin said...


And since today is the 18th...congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey... so what happened?!?