Thursday, December 4, 2008

We're Back...

Adoption Day

We're back home all in one piece. The trip was long, and fun, and arduous, and absolutely wonderful. At the end of the day, I have to say, we accomplished everything we set out to and more. We are now into the throes of Christmas dance recital and holiday festivities, so I promise, that when I come up for air, I will write more.


BrasilgirlEJ4 said...

You know what I love the most about this picture? (other than the significance of adoption, that is...) All the colorful crocs being showcased!!! :)

Our Family said...

Congrats! I came across your blog and love it. My fave author is Amy Carmichael. I wanted(when I was young and idealistic)to live her life...little did I know that 20 years later, I too would have to build walls around my "babies" of 13 and 14 to protect and guide them through their woundedness with little to no help from the "outside"...(-; Hubby and I love your writings!
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