Friday, September 21, 2007

One Year Anniversary

Twins, separated at birth...reunited September 21, 2006. One year gone by, since we first set eyes on the girls. We are one less right now, but we had a wonderful evening, with supper out to celebrate.


brittany b said...

Hey! is that j? he looks so different with his hair cut short! and in reference to your previous post about lack of commenting...i don't comment much (or, ever...) but i truly do enjoy being able to keep up with your family/am encouraged by your posts!

Nobody said...

Hi Brittany! Good to hear from you. I edited your comment a tiny bit. Trying to stay away from names. Hope you don't mind. Yes, it is J and he does look a ton different than from a year ago. Hippie Boy too. Hope you are having a good semester. Do you see Denise at all? I miss you guys!

Elizabert said...

wait-you went out to eat without big sis and bro? Yahoos! ;-]