Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All the news That's fit to Print

  • Hubby is into his slower season, cooking for midweek school groups on retreat. Mostly college groups and private schools. So we are enjoying some yummy meals.
  • This also means we can get to church on the weekends, and we finally became members of our parish this past Sunday.
  • Homeschool has begun with a big ugly BANG. Monday Dad actually had to come home from work and read the "twins" the riot act for their lousy attitudes. Thankfully they have rallied and are working beautifully together. Big bro was never in trouble. He gets his work done with a minimum of whining.
  • My two younger scholars are enjoying the private school. They are still honeymooning a bit, but they are happy and staying out of trouble so I will be glad and take what I can get.
  • I am pulling up out of my emotional slump of the last few weeks. Seeing Soapy go was terribly hard, and having her gone is amazingly easy. As long as I don't dig too deep. The house is blissfully quiet and calm in comparison to when she was with us.
  • I am getting a tremendous amount of cleaning/ organizing/throwing away done. The trash cans have been consistently full, I am making regular runs to Salvation Army, and heavens... I think I am becoming my mother. I am unloading tons of crap on my poor daughter. It's OK. It's good crap.
  • I am enjoying my goats once again. OK, I know that sounds weird, but they had kind of become holes I was pitching food into. But Darcy ran about as I was cleaning the shed today "helping". After I raked up all the hay that was all over the floor into a big pile, she hunkered down in it and just ate and lounged. It was so amusing to me as I worked, it made me smile. Every now and again I would feel something tickle my arm, and there she would be looking up at me.
  • Baby LaLa in characteristic form, feeling I was paying WAY too much attention to sheds and goats, proceeded to careen down the road at full speed wagging her bike handle bars back and forth as hard as she could. She wiped out, (big surprise) and gouged a flap of skin from her knee as big as my thumbnail. Really nasty. So I patched her up and she's quite happy with her bandage and dose of drama.
  • I'm kind of tired, but I have laundry to do, and the fam wants to watch and episode of "Monk".
  • That's pretty much it.


an-tastic said...

I totally enjoyed this post as I have waited all week checking anxiously for a SCRAP. Thank you...I feel somewhat caught up. SO glad everyone is settling in to a new school year. Hurray! We miss you all terribly. Enjoyed the pic.
More Please!!!It is a great connect. I am working on a blog of my are truly inspiring. I'll keep you posted.
Love and hugs and kisses to all!

Nobody said...

An-tastic, I can't wait to read your blog. Miss you guys lots!