Sunday, July 29, 2007

Keep Praying

Thank God for small mercies. My cold is getting better, and I actually got some sleep last night. Actually, it's no small mercy, since for the last two years every cold has turned to double pneumonia and weeks on expensive meds. But this cold seems to be breaking up and going away on its own. I am thankful. And sleep... how we take it for granted until we can't find it! Night before last I fought with hubby at ten, and flounced off to bed to go to sleep. I tossed and turned until two, when he came to bed. Forget sleep. He began his own tossing and turning, and drove me out until 4:30. I rattled around the house, checking on animals, and children, and email. I went out on the deck and played with the flashlight, thinking maybe I'd catch some wildlife. But all I heard was the low booms of thunder in the distance. Finally at 4:30, in total desperation, I took two cold pills...hoping to clear my head and get to sleep. It worked, and I drifted off for about forty minutes, when an earsplitting thundercrack jolted me out of bed. The only person moving faster was my eleven year old son, who was already in my room by the time I ripped the curtain open to look out and see if the tree in the yard was still standing.

Yesterday I slogged around, feeling like I was swimming through Jello, with my head pounding. I took pain reliever every four hours and kept moving. Too much to do, too many children to attend to. I tried to keep the day as normal as possible, which meant keeping to the normal routine and seeing all the normal people we see through a busy day during camp season. I realized that's a lot of people. I felt like everyone was looking at me funny...which is silly since they weren't looking at me any differently than usual. (Which might be funny, now that I think of it.) Or maybe it was just because I looked like something the cat dragged in. I felt like something the cat dragged in.

So today was an improvement by far. The headache was gone, and I felt the effect of a full night's sleep. Nothing has really changed. Life is still shifting and sliding about on this new treacherous ground. The sad is still sad, and the weird is still weird. But with the subtraction of clogged sinuses and the addition of sleep, everything is under a slightly different light. For those of you who are praying...don't stop. Tomorrow will be a tough day.

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Mammy said...

Still praying. Glad you are feeling a wee bit better. Sounds like ya'll have some tough times ahead, but you know the Lord will guide you and carry you through it all. I'll keep you lifted in prayer. :)