Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Feet

We have several sets of very happy feet here today. Dance lessons for the week are complete, and the music for recital was posted on the website. Daddy successfully downloaded it and made a CD, and a frightening amount of noise was coming from the playroom as they practiced their dances. They didn't even bother to move the laundry they were folding...just danced over the top of it! I realized that we have thirteen costume changes in all this year, which is pretty scary as I used to have three or four! All six tap, four do ballet, and one does jazz/hip hop. It will make for a very busy six weeks or so, what with competition and recital. But it's really no worse than if they played a sport. It all comes to a crashing end the day after recital, and then we know summer is truly here. In our town, there is a summer festival, and usually the children from the dance studio perform in the fire hall as part of the festivities. It's so funny to see them all together again after weeks of vacation, and no one ever remembers the steps!

My only bit of sad nostalgia is that their big sis isn't dancing with them this year. But she'll come and cheer for them. I also miss their Celtic dancing. The four girls have no idea what it is, but they sure think their big sister looks pretty in the pictures...and why are the boys all in BLACK? I would so dearly love to see them all up there stomping next year, enjoying their adopted Irish heritage! They all were so excited on Saint Patrick's Day to discover that "We're Irish now!?!" Big sis says she'll even dance with them next year if they do Celtic. Boy, they could generate some fine noise with all seven of them up there! I'm not sure if I can survive the practicing!

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