Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What if...

Let me preface this post with a small disclaimer of sorts. I am not complaining about life such as it is. I know many people who are mishandled and mistreated by the "helping" professionals in their lives. This is not the case for us. Our helping professionals try very hard, and treat us with respect. It is not to say that we don't have a support system of caring, Godly people who uphold us in many ways. We do. It is not to say that we have taken our eyes off the prize and slipped into something else...well, we all do that at times. But we try and stay focused.

But what if...
  • What if I took every hour I spend scouring blogs, and websites, and books for fragments of information about adoption and its challenges...what if I instead spent that time scouring God's word and His world for insights into the broken human condition?
  • What if I took every word spoken in frustration to sympathetic (and unsympathetic) ears in the name of "support", and instead poured it out to a heavenly Father who knows and understands better than I do?
  • What if I stopped trying to focus on "change" and "measurable progress", and let God have His way with my loved ones...and me?
  • What if I took every hour I spend chasing and demanding professional helps and services, and petitioned godly men, women, and children to pray for the plight of all orphans everywhere, but especially for those they know personally, who live their lives in and out of our broken Godless foster care system?
  • What if I finally realized that I was searching for a miracle? That degrees, and programs, and money can't buy a miracle? Ever.
"Some trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
To each his own won't lead you home and prob'ly never will."
Jennifer Knapp, In the Name


D said...

And what would happen if I joined you? How would the Father bless & answer our prayers?
I do believe I'll join you.

QueenB said...

What if.........well, God's deliverance and man's fervent prayer are the only effects we as believers should be seeking. And oftentimes it comes in the guise of nonbelieving social workers who unwittingly deliver a blessing, or through the Godly workers He has arranged specifically to be "on your case"...but you know that. It always seems when I start trying to move mountains, to make phone calls, to shove obstacles, that I always come back to Him, and my quiet prayer and time in His word, that shows me the absolute need for me to "be still and know that I am God". Sometimes He just isn't going to change anything, and we need to be girded up for the onslaught, and other times He is going to beckon us on the water through the storm. Praying for you guys as always, BJ and fam

Lucy said...

I don't know you or your children personally but I will pray for you too. Your blog is a real encouragement to me :)