Saturday, July 26, 2008

Caulk and Paint

Queen B and I have been busily sweating away with paintbrush in hand all week. Of course she is at her house many miles away, and I am at mine, but still I can feel the kinship and smell the fumes. Paint and caulk are wonderful things in my book. You can fix a multitude of messes with them, and old tired rooms can be bright, and new and clean smelling again. It's just the darned contrast that's the problem. You paint one thing, and it just seems to highlight how shabby another has been getting. So you paint that thing too. While painting, you note some minor repairs that need to be done, and you caulk up the gaps and seams. Next thing you know, you're five miles away from the first thing you painted and probably into it for a hundred gallons of paint. Why, oh why can't it just STAY a simple two day job?

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QueenB said...

The first coat of floor paint is FINALLY on, covering a very large portion of the living room, dining room, and 1/2 the stairs. This was supposed to have been started last Tuesday, but we opted to repaint, reborder, and stain all the woodwork, in the dining room. I breathed a sign of relief to see the floor paint finally getting put down. It looks GORGEOUS!!!! And, dear hubby was home today so there were 3 of us painting, which made it go quicker. I have the dump bug (no, not diarrhea) and have a declutter plan which involves most of my sewing stuff and have purchased tall bookcases to consolidate my many short ones. Hope my energy holds out as far as my ambition wants to take me..........later BJ