Saturday, April 19, 2008

I think I'm In Love

My evil sewing machine has finally breathed its last. Hubby took me on a forced march to the sewing machine store. I bought the Bernina Artista 165 with the embroidery component. Not that I have a clue about embroidery, but I figure it might be fun. The best part? I got it used, for a pretty sweet deal. Well, so I'm told...but since I've paid less for cars, I'm not totally convinced. Tonight I set it up and played with it for quite awhile. I fixed two pairs of jeans, and it went through them like butter. And I experimented with some decorative stitches. If ever I need to edge something with tiny bicycles, I am all set. I'm getting tired so I think I'll just go lay on my bed and stare at it in all its shiny glory until I doze off.


quilted family said...

oooh I am so jealous. My sewing machine is limping along. I had to give it a lobotomy at Christmas so it just goes straight, but even that is iffy. I want, I want, I want a new machine soooo bad. But it is a want and not a need and we are belt tightening down to needs right now, so I have to wait.
I will envy you from a far and wish you lots of happy sewing.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it sister...What a hubby, that chef of yours...who definitely knows that value of superior tools to get the job, and the hobbies done. Love you guys...I would love to see something trimmed in small bicycles. Take a picture of that cadillac of machines, pleeease!

PeWee said...

ROFL! Now that's a nice sweet deal, indeed!