Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are You Feeling Old?

I don't believe we give young people enough credit.  Our hearts and minds are moved powerfully when we are young and have very little power of our own.  When we are old and powerful, we find our hearts cold and dull.  It is not strange.  It is the way of the human race.  We must wake up each day and force our old bodies and tired minds to do the work we began when we were young.

We have not changed our minds, or given up, or failed.  We have not necessarily grown older and wiser.  We are exactly the same as we used to be, only now we have the power to do something about it.  

Back then no one took me seriously because I was so young.  Back then I had no money, no education, no experience.  Back then I was scattered and disorganized.  Back then I was selfish and easily discouraged.

What now?  My back hurts when I get up in the morning?


Anonymous said...

I am in medicine. There seems to be this hierarchical view in the medical culture that medical students are all named "Medical Student" and are interchangeable and not very important. Interns are categorized similarly in some instances. This always frustrates me, even now that I am in a senior role and on the top of the theoretical totem pole. Why is a medical student, with the drive and intelligence to become a physician, somehow less valuable or important than a resident or supervising physician, just because they were born a few years later? There is nothing fundamentally superior about the more senior medical professionals, they just happened to arrive at their professional destination earlier. It seems like substance, work ethic, and potential should have more value. You never know what someone is going to become. Even if their back doesn't hurt yet. ;)

D said...

nice to see you back...and yes, I think I was born old