Monday, February 22, 2010

Purse Party

A good time was had by all...I hope. The "banana flambam" was eaten up, and we only had to pluck one small child out of the litter box. So far fourteen out of twenty purses are gone, and I still have several ladies that want one, plus I haven't bought mine. We have additional custom jewelry orders, and chocolate orders for Easter. I am hoping to wrap up the party by the end of the week, and send the first check. Then we will fill the additional jewelry and chocolate orders and send another check after Easter. Really, as long as we have customers, we'll make more.

Queen B, your bags are on the way! I won't have to beat people off of your Chelsea bag anymore!

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QueenB said...

Heh heh heh!!!! Bags arrived today and I love them! The Chelsea bag is soooo roomy I was able to stuff myself inside, hang myself in my closet, and hide from my obnoxious children all day, eating that delicious chocolate heart ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!! Well, something like that. Read post of another bloggy friend and she states her children are off the wall - how 'bout yours??? Mine are horrible, absolutely horrible. Not the 5 big ones, but the 4 little ones. Tensions running very high here, prob'ly because Daddy is gearing up for his knee surgery and you know, how that's all about them.....