Sunday, September 28, 2008

Queen B

I am glad God sent you some helpers in the last few days, to provide for the needs of these little ones as they set out with their loved ones. It is good to know you can send them with some basic necessities. Also good to know you are set up for an emergency baby placement if the need should arise...or you can be a helper to the next person down the line.

Also glad to hear you are at peace with letting these little ones go. Looking forward to hearing who will fill the empty places...having no doubt that someone will soon.

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QueenB said...

We were discussing this morning during our prayer and worship about the people who blessed our lives this week, who came forward - some with donations, some with items they wished to receive a minimal amount for, all items we needed, all who delivered these items to my husband at his work place. And all who had questions about the children. And about the other children in the system. Questions about how they could help. What they could do. How does it work, this foster parenting. My husband spent a great deal of time with one woman, answsering all her questions. Time well spent he felt. She was apologetic about asking the questions and taking his time. These past 12 days that's what we've given. All of us. Our time. And that time was returned to us in great measure by the deep appreciation of the children's grandmother, an unashamed believer in Jesus Christ, a praying grandmother wanting only that her child, and her grandchildren, would walk with the Lord. What a blessing to have served such a woman who unknown to her was praying for her grandchildren all the while they were enduring this crisis in their lives. And God richly blessed us, and used us to answer her prayers. It is humbling. We pray still for her, and her husband, as they travel the long miles to our state to retrieve these little ones, and very likely begin the long journey of parenting a baby and a toddler to adulthood long after her own child has grown. We will leave them with the knowledge that our lives are now forever knit together, by His hand, and this time spent was not in vain. And yes, we are ready to do it again.