Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Bit!

Now you are twenty, and exactly half my age. Hard to believe I was the age you are now when I brought you home from the hospital twenty years ago today. Pretty scary to think of don't you think, considering how young and stupid I was? Not like you. You're a pretty sharp cookie. But I never should have been allowed to have children until I was at least fifty.

Well, happy happy, and I'm off to make SOMEONE an Oreo cheesecake.


Cheryl said...

Hard to believe that the 18 month old child stuffed into the back of a Hyndai covered in ice cream could be sooooo old!

Lots of love...

Nobody said...

I know. Hard to believe we still hear from that sweet young newly wedded couple we ran into that day at the ice cream shack. Wasn't he like, the little bro of one of my hubby's old HS friends? *sigh* Have we finally grown up ?