Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Tagged

Mammy tagged me several days ago, and said I should share seven things I've learned in life. I'm also supposed to "tag" five more people.

1. Whatever you do to the top of the fraction, you have to do to the bottom of the fraction.

2. Don't take your Suburban to Florida during love bug season.

3. The cat always throws up on the rug. They will leave the linoleum in search of carpeting in order to puke.

4. Men don't think like women do.

5. How to make a roaring fire with one match and no accelerant.

6. Don't ask why the computer just did that...just hit restart.

7. I like to think I have choices. I do. Two choices...obey or disobey.

P.S. I don't pass along forwards, or tag people. Not that I mind getting them, or being tagged. I don't's just not "me". I don't worry much about curses for stopping chain letters, either snail mail or the electronic kind. And I certainly don't feel as though I am less committed as a Christian, or less patriotic, or what have you, if I don't pass along a particular heart warming tale. I don't buy Girl Scout cookies, but I'll eat yours if you leave them unattended. I'd rather just donate a buck or two. I don't lend money to folks in need. I give them whatever I can. I guess I'm just weird that way.


Mammy said...

Lol....I totally agree, just havent had the gumption to say so, regarding the tagging/forwarding. I find it an annoying pain. If you look at my blog, you'll see it took me a couple days to actually tag.

Thanks for playing along tho....ha ha, I especially liked the ones about the cats barfing on the rug (so true!!!) and the one match for a roaring fire.

leisa said...

I have just spent the last hour reading all your posts. You write so beautifully and honestly. It will be a pleasure to return to see your family. No judgement here just a kind word of encouragement. Keep going you sound like you are on the right path.

Nobody said...

I went to your site and tried to leave you a comment, but I don't think I can. So if you come back here maybe you'll read this. Thanks so much for the encouraging word, and good luck with your new babies, when they come!

leisa said...

Thanks for visiting us. Anyone can leave a comment it is not restricted at all. Doesn't matter I came back. Have a good week.

blondie said...

I hear you about the chain mail stuff. I always without fail delete them once I know what it is. Life is too precious to worry about what will happen if I don't pass something on.

However, I do enjoy memes and will complete them eventually - however, I too am a reluctant tagger... I would much rather people volunteer to do it if they felt the urge not because they were forced to...

:) blondie

PS. Leisa sent me here and I have really enjoyed reading your blog -- I would like to link to you if you didn't mind.